Name: GTS CPUXA Plug-In
Type: Plug-In
Provider: GainTech Solutions
Cost: Free to try -- $24.95 to buy
Support Information: HomeSeer Support Forum
Plug in for Applied Digital Ocelot/Leopard.
This plug-in provides an RS232 interface from the Ocelot to Homeseer or higher.
  • Individual creation and deletion of IO, Variable, IR(Ocelot/Leopard and Secu16IR), Timers, Bobcats, and X10 devices.
  • Variables can be set from the Device Management page, event actions, and scripting.
  • Timers can be started and stopped from the Device Management page, event actions, stopped via scripting, and started from any point via scripting.
  • IR locations can be sent from the Device Management page, HomeSeer events, and can be learned from the device's Device Config page.
  • X10 received signals have event triggers for All ON, All OFF, Unit ON, and Unit OFF commands.
  • IO, Timers, Bobcats and Variables can trigger HomeSeer events with device value triggers.
  • Event triggers For IR Match
  • Scripting for set IO, set variable, set/stop timers, send IR, and send X10.
  • X10 can be set/sent from scripting without devices created.
  • Works with Windows and Linux.
  • Supports any combination of up to (18 max) Secu16, Secu16i, Secu16IR, Bobcat, and Rly08-XA units.
  • X10 support for lamp modules, extended lamp modules, appliance modules, and motion sensors at this time.
  • Plugin recognizes Ocelot/Leopard slaves but does not read/set variables or send IR at this time.
Improved max units from 6 to 18
Added direct support for Bobcat T, H, and L units
Added support for Ocelot Timers
Added scripting to stop Ocelot Timers and start from any second (1 – 65535)
Added recognition of Ocelot/Leopard slaves (looking at adding IR and variable control for slaves)
Added separate Parameters page
Newly added Secu16IR units are now correctly added to the ini
Corrected IR config-tab issues when more than one Secu16IR units are in the system
Corrected IR devices not deleting when checkbox was unchecked
Corrected performance issues
Corrected X10 device status not updating when sending All Lights/Units Off from event action
Added the ability to swap X10 Lamp Module types on device's config page
Added X10 event actions
Added better handeling of coms errors on plug-in startup
Removed custom PED objects so other remote plug-ins can access device info
Intitial Release
Screen Shots:
Config Tab
Variables Tab
I/O Tab
IR Tab (Secu16IR devices)
X10 Tab
CPUXA Parameters Tab
Device Config Tab